NYPD Powers

Session 3:
Arms Dealers

With the attack on the prisoner transport thwarted, the Powers division was left with a number of questions, not least of which, who could have supplied their attackers with robot octopus arms?
A cursory interrogation of the first two captured goons yields little. The first lawyers up immediately, and the second nearly has a nervous breakdown after he accidentally lets slip a name, ‘Frankie’. The third prisoner spins an elaborate tale, claiming to be a Private Investigator named Gordon Paulson who was at the ambush coincidentally. “I’m not even with these guys! I’m just glad you were using rubber bullets or I’d be dead!” Paulson claims to have been hired by the inventor of the robot arms, a Doctor Martinez, and supplies the location of the safe-house which the ambush was planned from, which he found in his own investigations, but not before the attack was already launched.
Attempts to verify his story through the doctor meet with limited success, as the doctor is super paranoid. The detectives gain entry into Paulson’s apartment with his permission, in an attempt to contact the doctor again but the doctor spooks and turns off his burner cell phone.
Meanwhile the Goons and Gordon are transferred to Ryker’s Island while the team raids the safe-house. They discover everything as Gordon described, however, the team is shocked to learn that the arms themselves don’t need a person guiding them. Two sets of Octo-arms in a crate at the safe-house animate themselves and attack, but the crew makes short work of them with shotguns brought along.
While waiting for the crime scene unit, the team discovers a bag full of wallets and cell phones, where the goons from the ambush stashed their ID before the attack. Gordon’s ID is nowhere to be found among the wallets. However, the bag only holds 11 wallets, but 12 cell phones. Cross referencing and tracing the numbers in the phones takes some time, but eventually, they determine one of the numbers dialed by one of the abandoned phones to belong to Frankie’s Auto Body.
After a brief attempt to bluff their way in and scope out the place nearly ends in tears, the team backs off and takes up discrete surveillance, getting backup in the form of Detective Baldwin and Sgt Renfro of the Powers Department’s Night Shift.
As night falls, a truck arrives, and a handful of men begin loading crates into the back.
Detective Cross, hiding in the shadows, sneaks closer for a better look, and recognizes the markings on the side of the crates as identical to the crate with the arms from the safe-house.
Another vehicle drives up just as Cross signals the others and draws his weapon. Gamble teleports into the back seat of the new arrival and along with Greeley, cuffs the man to his steering wheel and takes his keys, before they continue on to back up Cross.
Baldwin and Renfro pull up in the stakeout car, blocking the truck in. One of the goons immediately pulls a grenade, after Cross shouts at them to ‘Freeze’ and tosses it into the back of the truck, earning a bullet from Cross in the bargain. Thermite flames lance out, melting the crates of arms to useless slag.
Two of the other goons slam their crate onto the ground breaking it open. One draws a gun and shoots at Cross while the other tries to hook on his robot arms. The fourth books for cover as does Cross. Cross fires wildly and wounds a second gunman, meanwhile the others catch up, and the 2nd goon gets his octo-arms up and going. He climbs atop the burning truck for a better angle, and puts three rounds into Sgt Renfro. All three are absorbed by his vest, and Renfro fires a single round from his Desert Eagle in reply, killing the Octo-goon instantly.
As Cross’ shouts for the others to surrender finally start to have an effect, Frankie bursts in from the other room, a machine pistol held in each of his 4 robot arms, a shotgun in his regular arms, and decked out in body armor.
Frankie lets loose a hail of gunfire and everyone dives for cover. Miraculously, with all the lead flying, no one is hit, and Frankie shouts for his men to flee.
Cross and one of the goons wind up taking cover from Frankie’s storm of lead behind the same rolling tool chest, and the goon nudges the tool chest just enough to give Frankie an angle on the detective.
However, before Frankie can take advantage of the vulnerable Detective Cross, Gamble teleports behind Frankie and shoots him in the back, hitting him in the shoulder and taking the shotgun out of the equation. The team pops out of cover taking pot shots at Frankie, most soaked up by his body armor, until Detective Baldwin manages to hit him in the head, dropping him instantly and blowing the left eye out the side of his face. Somehow, however, he is still breathing, when the fire department and the paramedics arrive.

After arranging transport for the prisoners to lock up, the wounded to the hospital and the dead to the morgue, the team doubles back to look in on Gordon Paulson and double check his story. Cross sits in the interview room at Ryker’s Island for an interminable wait, until Paulson is brought in. Only one problem. “Is this a Joke?” Cross says to the guard.
“What’s wrong?”
“That’s not Gordon Paulson.”

Session 2:

Previously: Sasquack bursts free from his restraints with a bellowing ‘Quack Quack!’ that shakes the Bus.

Detective Cross reacts quickly, making a snap-shot with his pistol that grazes Sasquack in the shoulder, if anything driving the beast to greater fury. Sasquack lunges forward and smashes his 8-foot tall frame into the side of the Bus. The mammoth vehicle shudders and lifts up onto two wheels almost going completely over onto its side. Gamble, still at the wheel, manages to recover, but the violence of slamming back down onto the already damaged undercarriage snaps the rear suspension and the linkages come undone. The rear axle rips free and tumbles down the street behind the bus. The back of the bus throws up a fan of sparks as it digs into the concrete.
Detective Greeley ducks down into the Bus to investigate the ear-wrenching quacking while Hawat open fire on the remaining Octo goon in sight, but the enemy retreats back out of their line of sight, using the building as cover. Two of his octopus arms pop back over the edge, bearing grenade launchers on the tips, which fire with a dull thoomp-thoomp.
Greeley just gets a little spatter on his back, but Detective Hawat isn’t so fortunate, and the grenade aimed at the rear turret explodes right in his face, covering him in a thick, blinding layer of squid ink.
Hawat stumbles and slips on the squid ink, falling ass over elbows down into the bus and knocking his head on the wall. Good night sweet prince.
Greeley opens fire with his assault rifle on Sasquack, but the bullets merely elicit another roaring quack. Sgt Cho calls out from his lookout position at the back of the bus, “We’ve got company!” and opens fire on their pursuers in a stolen police cruiser.
Cross and Greeley continue pumping rounds into Sasquack, but the behemoth shrugs off the fire and slams his fists into the side of the bus again, trying to flip it. However, Gamble is prepared this time and the bus only lurches with the impact. Cho turns and puts a pair of rounds into Sasquack’s head. However, even his high powered rifle slugs fail to put the monster down. Then, there is a thump on the roof. More uninvited guests.
Cross changes tactics and switches to electro net rounds, wrapping up Sasquack in a nice warm taser blanket. With the bus slowing down, Gamble abandons the wheel, disappearing with an audible ‘poit’ and reappearing on the roof of the bus.
Another octo goon has landed, and is busily tearing the crack Sasquack has made in the side armor wider. He manages to poke his launcher through the hole and send another ink bomb into the interior. Only Sasquack, and the unconscious Thufer Hawat are close enough to be doused in ink again.
Gamble opens fire on the new arrival, but this octogoon has 6 extra arms rather than 4. Two of the arms animate with a life of their own and manage to bat away Gamble’s bullets.
Greeley races back into his turret and opens fire as well. The goon manages to deflect all but one of the rounds, as he tries to leap clear of the bus. Greeley hits him square in the back and he is stunned for a moment by the impact, falling behind the Bus.
Meanwhile, Cho takes another shot at the driver of the car closing rapidly from behind. This time his aim is true, and the driver slumps forward over the steering wheel, sending the car out of control.
The goon in the passenger seat tries to grab the wheel, but his octopus arms tangle him up. he somehow manages to accidentally knee the gearshift forward into reverse, at the same time that his struggle with the steering wheel sends the car into a swerve.
The two goons in the back react quickly in an attempt to save themselves. One manages to get clear successfully. The other unfortunate soul gets one of his octo-arms stuck in the door frame and is whiplashed over and around into the pavement head first as the cop car flies into a sidelong roll.
Sasquack is still on his feet when Cross hits him with a second net, but the second high voltage blast finally puts the beast down. “Nobody likes the mighty ducks anyway,” Cross quips at the unconscious monstrosity.
The goon who managed to escape from the cop car crash opens up with a submachine gun, hitting Greeley in the vest. Gamble ports back into the drivers seat to make sure the Bus doesn’t careen out of control, and Greeley blazes away at the goon that just shot him, putting a burst of three rubber bullets right into the man’s chest in reply. Cho misses a shot at the last remaining octo goon, and Cross gives him a net party.
The tumbling cop car smashes into the back of the Bus and after the echoes die away everything is quiet.
Then the radio chirps. Backup is only 30 seconds away.
”Thanks, but I think it’s handled,” Greeley replies.
The powers squad puts Sasquack into the spare restraints, debarks the bus and arrests the surviving octo goons, before checking on the ESU vehicle which ate a missile at the beginning of the ambush. Luckily the others are alive, if a bit rattled.
In the aftermath, Captain Grayson contacts the team to advise them of their new assignment. Track down whoever is supplying robotic octopus arms to mercenaries and get the super science weaponry off the streets.

Session 1:
The first day is always tough

As old friends from the powers division are mourned, life goes on. Three new detectives join Captain Grayson’s Day Squad with Senior Detective Cross; Lewis Lou Greeley, veteran Narcotics Detective, Max Gamble moving up from Crime Scene Investigation, and Thufer Hawat, until recently a rising star at financial investigations. With both Powers Criminal Investigations Division and the ESU Powers Containment Division down several officers after recent cases turning sour, the new detectives are recruited to transport captured supercriminals Pyrothunderwolf and Sasquack to more permanent lodgings at the Federal Supermax facility known as the Pit, in upstate New York.
In transit, a bogus construction detour leads the transport convoy into an ambush. When the lead vehicle is disabled by an anti-tank missile, the Powers team are left to fend for themselves.
Only quick reflexes by Detective Gamble behind the wheel stave off disaster. A stolen 18 Wheeler only strikes the armored transfer unit a glancing blow. In the ensuing running gun battle, a number of robot armed assailants mob the transport bus. One manages to latch onto the front of the bus briefly in an attempt to slow them down, until Det Gamble and Cross give him the heave ho. Meanwhile, more robot armed goons try to land on top of the bus, only to be machine-gunned into an early grave by detectives Hawat and Greeley.
The team think they’re almost in the clear, when the goons’ leader returns anti tank missile launcher at the ready. Hawat and Greeley try to take him down, but their shots fly wide, and he manages to hit the Bus, nearly disabling the vehicle. More insidious, however, the missile damages Sasquack’s restraints, and the Duck-headed engine of destruction tears loose from his shackles with an ominous quacking roar.

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