Jimmy Fame

Lean, average height with dark hair, graying at the temples. Clean-shaven.


Epic Level Wizard in the vein of DnD 3.5


Jimmy Fame is the owner and proprietor of a well-known chain of Fried Chicken restaurants called ‘Jimmy Fame’s Chicken and Rice’, specializing in fried chicken, buffalo wings, and Chicken Fried Rice.
He also studied with the Ageless Ones for 40 years before ascending to become the greatest wizard on earth. He is also one of the worlds premier stage magicians.

His personal assistant, Carl, is a 10 foot tall bat-winged elephant-monster of some kind.

Fame often refers to himself in the third person, a mannerism picked up from the Ageless Ones as a means of anchoring himself in this reality as a precaution against 5th dimensional attacks of the nameless horrors from beyond the stars from which it is his duty to protect the earth.

Notable Quotations:
‘Jimmy Fame just wants to stress one thing, guys. And I want you to concentrate on this for me. Cthulhu is fictional. I just want you to keep that thought in your mind while I cast this spell. Say it with me one time, please. Cthulhu is made up and totally not a thing I need to be worrying about. No I’m not sweating. Just concentrate harder.’ —Jimmy Fame

Jimmy Fame

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