NYPD Powers

Session 1:

The first day is always tough

As old friends from the powers division are mourned, life goes on. Three new detectives join Captain Grayson’s Day Squad with Senior Detective Cross; Lewis Lou Greeley, veteran Narcotics Detective, Max Gamble moving up from Crime Scene Investigation, and Thufer Hawat, until recently a rising star at financial investigations. With both Powers Criminal Investigations Division and the ESU Powers Containment Division down several officers after recent cases turning sour, the new detectives are recruited to transport captured supercriminals Pyrothunderwolf and Sasquack to more permanent lodgings at the Federal Supermax facility known as the Pit, in upstate New York.
In transit, a bogus construction detour leads the transport convoy into an ambush. When the lead vehicle is disabled by an anti-tank missile, the Powers team are left to fend for themselves.
Only quick reflexes by Detective Gamble behind the wheel stave off disaster. A stolen 18 Wheeler only strikes the armored transfer unit a glancing blow. In the ensuing running gun battle, a number of robot armed assailants mob the transport bus. One manages to latch onto the front of the bus briefly in an attempt to slow them down, until Det Gamble and Cross give him the heave ho. Meanwhile, more robot armed goons try to land on top of the bus, only to be machine-gunned into an early grave by detectives Hawat and Greeley.
The team think they’re almost in the clear, when the goons’ leader returns anti tank missile launcher at the ready. Hawat and Greeley try to take him down, but their shots fly wide, and he manages to hit the Bus, nearly disabling the vehicle. More insidious, however, the missile damages Sasquack’s restraints, and the Duck-headed engine of destruction tears loose from his shackles with an ominous quacking roar.



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